Running Update

It’s hard to believe that today was the first day that I ran in a week.  That’s not a good thing – I was really hoping to get in some type of recovery run after last week’s 1/2 marathon, but my hip was killing me.  I babied it all week and went out for a run this morning.  My goal for today was a 5K.  What I did was try to push – run faster.  I was very successful running it at an 8:38 pace, which if you compare it to anything I’ve done of late – at least 20 seconds a mile faster.

I missed my goal of running 100 miles in April, by just 8 miles.  The good news is that I got in three already this month and Pam and I are going to do more walking.  Hopefully, I can get to that 120 mile mark this month.  I do have a 5k race this coming weekend for Comfort Care.  I think my training runs this week will focus on faster rather than longer and I’m hoping maybe I can be under 26 minutes next Saturday.

Until next week, I am Pressing On!


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