Survival Tips for Pastor’s Kids

This is dedicated in honor of my children who went from being lay-persons kids to pastor’s kids.
Sunday Morning Survival Pointers for Pastors’ Kids

For some pastors’ kids (PKs), Sunday morning is like walking the green mile, step by agonizing step closer to imminent doom. For others it’s mostly great with a side of frustration and annoyance. For most of my upbringing, I was in the second camp and occasionally slid into the first. What follows are seven suggestions for any PK that (as I learned, some at great expense) can help make Sunday mornings better.

  • Tuck your shirt in when mom tells you to. No, it doesn’t make you holier, but it does avoid a stupid fight. And you can just untuck it when you get to Sunday school anyhow.
  • If you haven’t already, take up coffee drinking. Start at home and keep it going all through church. There is no grief like the grief a PK takes for falling asleep in church.

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