Multigenerational Worship

What is “multi-generational worship,” you ask? Well, let’s start with some very basic definitions for the sake of this article: The word “multi” is often used as a prefix and means many or much. The word “generational” refers to the concept of a generation. A generation (especially in the Biblical sense) is basically the time that spans between parents and their offspring. In a more general sense, it means the grouping of those in your family or peer group who are roughly the same age as you are. So, with that in mind, we can generally approach the phrase “multi-generational” to mean something ( a group, a focus, a ministry, etc.) that includes more than one age group. Let’s also recognize at the start of this discussion that our modern church tends to approach ministry programs in a mostly uni-generational manner. That is, we segment our worship services into age appropriate groupings with each respective group receiving teaching, ministry, musical worship and such in a very compartmentalized environment. I’m not here to debate whether that approach is right or wrong, but to just stir the pot and hopefully the discussion towards the importance of multi-generational environments.

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