Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsJust like most of the country, we are dealing with some strange mid-spring weather.  Yesterday during the half-marathon, we had sleet.  This was with an air temperature in the lower 40’s.  It was really strange, partly because the grass is growing fast with all the rain we have had lately.

While this is not new news – I do want to mention for those who read our blog that back in February we resigned our position at Parkway Wesleyan Church.  At first, we really didn’t know where God was leading and actually it was quite confusing.  Right now I am thankful for God’s sustaining grace.  I spoke a little about that during our last service at Waynesboro Wesleyan.  Pam and I have been helping our sister church across the valley for about a year and a half with a coffee-house style service.  I led the worship and there was a rotating mix of preachers.  Over the last few meetings, Pam and I have shared the load of the preaching duties.  I might try to get some of the notes up sometime this week.

So where are we going?  We don’t quite know yet.  We have been busy sending out resumes and making contacts throughout.  We would appreciate your prayers because this week we are heading up to the Central New York District to interview with a church.  We are excited about the possibilities of being the lead pastors there.  As we know more, I’ll let you know more about it and at some point, I may rename the blog again to reflect our new role.  But for the moment, we will leave it “Worshiping…in Spirit and in Truth.” I like that anyway – because even as the lead pastor, one of our jobs is to lead in worship.  In fact we are the lead worshiper.

This week has been a busy one – preping for the race – The Park-to-Part 1/2 Marathon.  Yesterday was a marathon day – racing in the morning – helping out at Chick-fil-A for the afternoon because we had several who were attending prom and then leading the music and preaching at Waynesboro Wesleyan last night.  Even today has been a full day and as I write I am waiting to pick up Anna from Cracker Barrel.

Tomorrow we pack – I hope to get in a little short run tomorrow and perhaps one while we are away.  Again we would appreciate your prayers as we seek God’s direction.

Carp Diem!

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