Stronger | 12 Stone Church

I usually don’t use videos that aren’t recorded with professional cameras.  This afternoon I was browsing through some videos from our largest Wesleyan church – 12stone in Atlanta, GA and came across this powerful video.  Why do I say that?  Yesterday, I noted that I had some difficulties due to sleep deprivation from the lock-in and there were a couple of strange spelling on the sermon slides and yet the Holy Spirit work despite or in spite of all that.

The 12stone worship team is leading the Hillsong composed “Stronger” which is a great song for Easter.  About a minute into the song, the power goes out and what happens next is pretty cool.  In the midst of the dark, the choir starts singing the chorus and soon the emergency lights come on and you can see and hear them.  The band restarts albeit in acoustic mode now because the sound system still isn’t on, yet there are some lights on and they go and play the whole song – without video support – without sound and it is a powerful moment.  Check out this video of “Stronger” by 12stone Church.


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