Running Update

11167690_839645659441163_7386443330436385228_nWhile this probably is not the most excited I’ve ever been about running a half-marathon, I am as ready as I am going to be this year.  Next Saturday morning, we will be up early as I run the Park to Park Half Marathon for my fourth and (as far as I know at the moment) final time.  Because this spring has been so difficult, I haven’t really even come up with any goals for this race.  At this point I have two goals:

  1. Finish strong
  2. Finish in under two hours

Goal #2 is going to be a challenge, because I have not been running at under a 9:06/mile pace – which is required for a sub-two hour 1/2 marathon.  Despite all that, it’s been a pretty good week, with almost 27 miles running and 6 miles walking for just over 33 miles this week.  I am at 71 miles for the month, which is with 29 to go – 13 of those come on Saturday.  Barring any injuries, I should be able to come up with a gain for this month and start working on that goal of 1,200 miles this year.  See you next week!  Pressing On!


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