Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

This week we return to the old non-video format for Sunday Night Thoughts.  Sometimes I like to write and other times it is just easier to video blog.  Tonight I want to write.  It was really an amazing day today – especially weather-wise.  While this morning was a brisk 38 degrees, we warmed up all the way to the 70’s.  Pam and I took the opportunity to take a walk in Gypsy Hill Park.  The regular Sunday crowds were there – sometimes the popularity of the park makes it difficult to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.  The grass is getting green and the flowering trees are blooming and Spring is coming to life.

We had a small but mighty praise team this morning.  Just two other vocalists besides me and then Anna was on flute.  It sounded great.

Last night I had the opportunity to lead worship at a concert at Parkway.  We along with Chick-fil-A hosted a concert by the PromisedLand Quartet.  Me and some of the team members from Chick-fil-A led a pre-concert worship session.  It was cool to sings songs of praise along with my fellow team members.  I spent most of the day yesterday getting ready for that and this morning.

In addition, I tried to go out for an early run – emphasis on tried – running has just been really difficult.  I am trying to make some adjustments – most of those are eating adjustments and really trying to cut out the sugary (and sweetnery) drinks.  I am trying to drink more water and less of the drinks.

This week Pam and I are planning on taking an R&R day to Roanoke.  One, to visit the recruiters there one last time and two, to go take care of a little District business and probably try to get to Roanoke Weiner Stand one last time.  😦

Some of you may be surprised by that last statement.  We really haven’t made it well-known by back in February, we resigned from our current position at Parkway and are currently seeking where God would lead us.  We would appreciate your prayers as we seek where God is leading.  This is the first time since starting the blog that we have been actively looking.  The last time we moved the position came looking for us, so it is strange.  As we move along the process, there may be some more posts, but we will keep you updated.

That’s about it for now.  Blessings and Seize the Day!


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