My Year In Running

Year in RunningIt looks like tonight has several retrospective posts.  The first was a blogging retrospective.  This one will be a running retrospective.  If I don’t get to the rest, it is because I am worn out from our missions trip and those I will write tomorrow.

My total mileage this year was 1,217.  This is about 300 miles less than last year.  I spent part of the summer injured and did not prepare for a full marathon this fall, That probably made up some of the difference.  In addition, I didn’t do as much walking this year.  This is the fewest miles I have run since 2011.  This year was a year of struggles and yet, I refuse to give up.  I continue to press on.  I was able to run the Park-to-Park 1/2 Marathon this year once again.  I ran it slower than last year, but I was able to set a personal record in the 5K this year, finishing in 22:37.  That put me at a pace of 7:15 or so per mile.  It was a fast pace, but it was a great morning for it.  I’m really hoping to do some more competitive running, because that helps me keep focused on a goal.

So far I have my eyes on:

  • The Macon Mud Run
  • The Park-to-Park 1/2 Marathon
  • Comfort Care Stride

at the very least, with maybe some more thrown in.


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