Sunday Night Thoughts

Georgia On My Mind

Tonight I write from our hotel room in Macon, GA. We were up early on Friday morning and 10 of us from Parkway church came here to Hephzibah Ministries. This ministry is an outreach of The Wesleyan Church. We are here on a missions trip. It has been a great time so far. Yesterday, we were able to spend some time with the residents. We went bowling and hosted a pizza party for them. As part of our volunteering we did some clean-up work in the kitchen. It was a great day yesterday. We also had a great trip down here. We have found a Krispy Kreme and it was Hot Now so that was awesome.

As part of this trip our plan was to go to Atlanta and go to 12 Stone Church, our largest Wesleyan congregation. That was an experience that I was glad we were able to do. I met several of my Facebook friends and also ran into the District Superintendent of South Coastal District. He was my pastor when I received the call to the ministry. The even better thing was that his son Jason preached this morning. That was pretty cool.

Like I said the plan was to go to Atlanta this afternoon, but the Falcons were playing their final home game with a chance to go to the playoffs. Several of our friends who live here advised not going downtown when there was a football game going on.

So we did some alternative things, especially considering it was raining. We just got back to Macon and I had to make a detour to the local Walmart, which is just across the street.

I have one run in so far and am hoping to get in another one tomorrow morning before we get started at 7:30. At the moment, I have the room to myself and the quiet is beautiful. Well, that is about all I have for this evening. Carp Deim – Seize the Day!

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