Pressing ON!


The last two weeks have just been “one of those weeks” – both of them.  After a very satisfactory and fulfilling week of running that finished with a 13 miler – the weather and life caught up with me.  Since that 13 miler, I have run a total of three times – the Friday afterward, this past Tuesday and today.  The good thing is those runs have been encouraging – they have been somewhat fast – today’s was at an 8:34/mile pace – that’s not too bad considering the lack of mileage.

I do want to try to keep up the mileage because I don’t want to have to try to put together a quick paced training to get ready for the Park to Park this Spring.  That is just asking for trouble. I one point I didn’t feel like running, but I’m glad I did – it’s part of that perseverance thing.  I’ve looked at the weather for the week and it looks like it will be much more cooperative this week.

That’s about all I’ve got – Pressing On!

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