Running Long on a Beautiful Fall Day

This morning I was up just about the same time as the sun.  One of the things that kept me from going out immediately to run was the fact that Anna had to be at work by 10.  That meant I would have to make some adjustments.

This was a great run today – the temp was just over 40, but the sun was out so I elected shorts and a t-shirt. Sure the early mile or two or three was chilly, but it wasn’t long until I warmed up.  One of my concerns was that I wasn’t going to get a refuel until mile 10 or so.  I have run up to an hour and 1/2 without refueling, but never over that.  At the 1:27 mark, I was tired but I was also in the park and grabbed some Poweraide and a granola bar.  While I was stopped I did some of my strength training, such as push-ups, leg presses and butterflys.  Then I went out for what I hoped would be 3.1 more miles.  At mile 11.5 I was done, Pam was right behind me, so we walked together.  About .5 miles from the end of our walk, I decided to run again.  It was feeling good again, probably because the poweraid and granola bar kicked in.

Over all it was a beautiful run and a lot faster than I was expecting.  This was the first long run in several weeks that I was able to crack an 8:45 mile pace running 11.5 miles at an 8:40 pace.  Good stuff and I had a beautiful view all the way as enjoyed the fall foliage.  This was a good week running wise. I have really built-up my base and I am hoping to continue through the winter provided the weather doesn’t get as cold as last year.  It also looks like I will be getting in 4 runs this week and I am very happy about that.  I’ve been off my game for the last several weeks.  But it looks like all that perseverance is starting to pay off.  Pressing On!

Satisfy Us Each Morning With Your Unfailing Love

a copyProper 25 (30) (October 26, 2014)

Lord, through all the generations
    you have been our home!
Before the mountains were born,
    before you gave birth to the earth and the world,
    from beginning to end, you are God.

You turn people back to dust, saying,
    “Return to dust, you mortals!”
For you, a thousand years are as a passing day,
    as brief as a few night hours.
You sweep people away like dreams that disappear.
    They are like grass that springs up in the morning.
In the morning it blooms and flourishes,
    but by evening it is dry and withered.

13 O Lord, come back to us!
    How long will you delay?
    Take pity on your servants!
14 Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love,
    so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.
15 Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery!
    Replace the evil years with good.
16 Let us, your servants, see you work again;
    let our children see your glory.
17 And may the Lord our God show us his approval
    and make our efforts successful.
    Yes, make our efforts successful!

How Are You Satisfied

“Do not let your peace depend on what is outside you; you will see that our Lord will supply for everything when you are satisfied with Him alone, and you will find more in Him than all creatures together.”

Claude de la Colombière (1641-1682) in a letter as recounted in The Quotable Saint, ed. by R. E. Guiley (New York, 2002) 197.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsInstead of typing this on Sunday Night, I am typing this in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning.  It has been a good weekend. On Friday night, we took our kids over to the American Shakespeare Center where they volunteer in the ushering department.  Following that Pam and I went out for a walk at the park – the days are getting much shorter and the last rays of daylight were disappearing as we got back to the van.  It was a fun walk because the park was completely different than normal.

On Saturday I went out for a long run – clocking in at over 12-1/2 miles.  Yesterday morning it was interesting to see how many of my Facebook friends were running one sort of race or another – many of them were running a half-marathon or longer.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready for worship on Sunday.

We had a good service yesterday.  God’s Spirit was evident.  The music went well, especially considering we had a small team this week – but it almost fits the size of our congregation.  I guess I think that the amount of singers and musicians on the platform should reflect the size of the congregation.  Pastor Barry preached a great message on the Door of Hope out of the book of Hosea.

Not much else happened although I still waiting for that more normal autumn week.  There is always next week.  In other news, I am rooting for the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.  It is hard to believe it is almost 35 years since the Royals faced the Phillies in the World Series.  They have always had a place in my heart baseball-wise.  Plus it is great to root for these guys who have had many years at the bottom of the division.

I am looking forward to a great week and hope you are as well.  Pressing On!