The Apostle’s Creed

I thought what I would do for a teaching on worship over the next four weeks is share these “Seven Minute Seminary” lessons from The four lessons cover the classic ecumenical creeds of the universal church.

This week’s feature is “The Apostle’s Creed.”

How Are You Satisfied

“Do not let your peace depend on what is outside you; you will see that our Lord will supply for everything when you are satisfied with Him alone, and you will find more in Him than all creatures together.”

Claude de la Colombière (1641-1682) in a letter as recounted in The Quotable Saint, ed. by R. E. Guiley (New York, 2002) 197.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsInstead of typing this on Sunday Night, I am typing this in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning.  It has been a good weekend. On Friday night, we took our kids over to the American Shakespeare Center where they volunteer in the ushering department.  Following that Pam and I went out for a walk at the park – the days are getting much shorter and the last rays of daylight were disappearing as we got back to the van.  It was a fun walk because the park was completely different than normal.

On Saturday I went out for a long run – clocking in at over 12-1/2 miles.  Yesterday morning it was interesting to see how many of my Facebook friends were running one sort of race or another – many of them were running a half-marathon or longer.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready for worship on Sunday.

We had a good service yesterday.  God’s Spirit was evident.  The music went well, especially considering we had a small team this week – but it almost fits the size of our congregation.  I guess I think that the amount of singers and musicians on the platform should reflect the size of the congregation.  Pastor Barry preached a great message on the Door of Hope out of the book of Hosea.

Not much else happened although I still waiting for that more normal autumn week.  There is always next week.  In other news, I am rooting for the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.  It is hard to believe it is almost 35 years since the Royals faced the Phillies in the World Series.  They have always had a place in my heart baseball-wise.  Plus it is great to root for these guys who have had many years at the bottom of the division.

I am looking forward to a great week and hope you are as well.  Pressing On!

Sunday Set List

Sunday Set List Main
October 19, 2014
19th Sunday after Pentecost

Welcome and Announcements
Call to Worship and Invocation

Psalm 99:1-5
Songs of Worship
Your Grace Is Enough
Power In the Blood

Worship Through Prayer
Songs of Worship
 How Deep the Father’s Love For Us
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Worship Through Giving
Worship Through God’s Word
Song of Commitment
   Lord, I Need You

Prayer for the Week

Prayer_Banner_22-760x176Almighty and everlasting God:

In Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations:  Preserve the works of your mercy, That your Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


A Beautiful Fall Morning And a Nice Long Run

autumn-runToday was one of those beautiful days to get out and run.  The fall colors here in Staunton are just about at their peak and the traffic on the roads was light – so it was a very enjoyable day to go out.  About the only negative was the headwind that I had for parts of the run.  It seemed that I always had a headwind when I was going uphill.  That doesn’t seem quite fair 🙂

My original goal for this morning was in the 13 mile range, and I think I would have made it had it not been for that crazy headwind.  By mile 12, I was quite tired, but I wanted to go further than last week, so I though I would run until my watch hit 1:55:00.  I was able to do that and ran a total of 12.65 miles this morning – .36 miles further than last week.  I’ll probably stick that plan for next Saturday.  i haven’t decided at this point if I am running a fall half marathon.  Today’s pace was over a 9 minute mile and I am having trouble at this point cracking a 9 minute mile pace on a long run.  I am thinking of training hard over the winter and take a crack at the Park-to-Park once again this spring.  As long as winter doesn’t hang on until April I think I can make a good shot at that.  It has been a good week of running – two 7 milers and today’s 12-1/2 miler.  Next week will probably be only three runs as well.  I’m looking forward to the next week when I can do four runs again.  It’s been almost a month.  This fall has been a challenge for me to persevere in the running game even when it doesn’t go as planned.

Pressing On!

The Lord Reigns

Pillar-of-cloud-and-Pillar-of-Fire19th Sunday After Pentecost

October 19, 2014

The Lord reigns,
    let the nations tremble;
he sits enthroned between the cherubim,
    let the earth shake.
Great is the Lord in Zion;
    he is exalted over all the nations.
Let them praise your great and awesome name—
    he is holy.

The King is mighty, he loves justice—
    you have established equity;
in Jacob you have done
    what is just and right.
Exalt the Lord our God
    and worship at his footstool;
    he is holy.

Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
    Samuel was among those who called on his name;
they called on the Lord
    and he answered them.
He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;
    they kept his statutes and the decrees he gave them.

Lord our God,
    you answered them;
you were to Israel a forgiving God,
    though you punished their misdeeds.
Exalt the Lord our God
    and worship at his holy mountain,
    for the Lord our God is holy.