Sunday Night Thoughts


This week we return to Sunday Night Thoughts and instead of a Vlog you also get me writing.  Last Sunday I missed my first Sunday Night Thoughts post in eight years.  I’ve had some late ones but I never missed one – at least until last week.

Last week, Pam and I headed to Clarksville, TN to visit some good friends of ours who also happens to be a chaplain in the Army.  It was a great weekend just to kick back and relax.  Our friends took us to see the post at Fort Campbell – we worshiped with the soldiers there on Sunday morning and then Sunday afternoon we visited the city of Nashville.  It was quite interesting and we also visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  Many years ago my family visited the same place – but it was in a different location at the time.  It was also a great afternoon of people watching as we ended up on Broadway – very interesting indeed.  On Monday we went to see a Civil War site called Fort Defiance.  It was interesting to see a different story of the Civil War.

The rest of the week was catching up and getting ready for this weekend.  There really isn’t much grass to cut because we have had a lack of rain and now it is turning to fall.  This afternoon Pam and I went on a walk and it was sad (as much as I love the leaves turning color) to see the leaves beginning to change.  That soon means it will be getting cold 😦

This weekend our church had it’s annual Global Impact Celebration and it was awesome.  We had some great food, played some games and saw how Wesleyans are ministering the gospel of Jesus around the world.  This morning we heard from our keynote missionaries and found out how God is working in the hearts of many of our Spanish speaking countries.

Following the service our teens served lunch – we had baked spaghetti as they continue to raise funds for a trip to Hephzibah Ministries this winter.  It was a great time and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing – the first time since we arrived home on Tuesday that we did that.

It has been great week and a great weekend.  This week returns to a sense of normal before I go on a pastor’s prayer retreat next week.  I am looking forward to that.  I am also looking forward to our presentation of “Mom’s Night Out.” Our friends showed us the movie last week.  It is a great movie.  If you are in the area of Parkway next weekend, I encourage you to check it out – October 4 at 7 PM.

That’s about it folks – Pressing On!

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