We Will Not Hide These Truths

kidsProper 21 (26) (September 28, 2014)

O my people, listen to my instructions.
    Open your ears to what I am saying,
    for I will speak to you in a parable.
I will teach you hidden lessons from our past—
    stories we have heard and known,
    stories our ancestors handed down to us.
We will not hide these truths from our children;
    we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
    about his power and his mighty wonders.

12 the miracles he did for their ancestors
    on the plain of Zoan in the land of Egypt.
13 For he divided the sea and led them through,
    making the water stand up like walls!
14 In the daytime he led them by a cloud,
    and all night by a pillar of fire.
15 He split open the rocks in the wilderness
    to give them water, as from a gushing spring.
16 He made streams pour from the rock,
    making the waters flow down like a river!

This week’s reading from the psalms reminds us that those of us who are in Christ have a great story – we have a testimony – and we have a legacy.  This passage tells us that we cannot hide the glorious deeds and the mighty wonders of God from our children.  We need to tell them about the wonderful things that he has done.  I am reminded of the Hebrews – that was one of their problems – they continued to forget the wonderful things that God had done.  In the book of Judges we see a people who had forgotten all about Joshua and the generation before it.  During the time of the Judges we are told that everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  This is because they forgot how God had delivered them previously.  So I encourage you to not to hide God’s wonders, but tell your children about God’s marvelous wonders.

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