10 Back to School Supplies You’ll Never Forget

Courtesy our friends at Children’s Ministry Deals

1. If you can’t get backstage passes, at least you could eat lunch with them everyday.

Photo: etsy.com

2. Nothing says “child of the 80’s” like a Troll.

Via Judith Park-Ebeling on Pinterest

3. Why carry 8 pens, when you can carry 1 the size of a small club.

Photo: Ranker.com

4. Anyone else ever try to turn a whole pencil into sawdust in one sitting? That was a workout!

Photo: ebay.com

5. Back when every kid had to get a tetanus shot just to eat lunch.

Photo: muppet.wikia.com

6. They don’t taste like they smell.

Photo: geeksandcleats.com

7. Anyone remember what the cowboy boot sticker smelled like?

Photo: scratchandsniff.net

8. Lisa Frank now makes survival packs, specifically tarps that can be seen from outer space.

Photo: insistonawesome.com

9. The coolness of your pencil toppers determined your social status for the rest of the year, don’t mess this up!

Photo: signaturepencils.com

10. This was 5 star dining in the cafeteria.

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