Running Streak – Week 5

TunnelThe Light At The End of the Tunnel

Tomorrow marks Day 35 or the end of week 5 of my summer running streak.  It is hard to believe that I have run at least one mile every day for 34 days.  That leaves just 6 days until the end of the streak and I am really looking forward to it.  Over the last few weeks there were several time when I really wanted to quit.  My body felt completely worn out several times, but I persisted, knowing that at the end I will have completed a new goal.

Today’s run was originally scheduled for 10 miles, but it was almost 70 degrees at run time with at least that much humidity, making for a tough, tough run.  I completed 7.79 at an 8:48 mile pace, which all things considered wasn’t bad at all.  The rest of the scheduled runs for the running streak looks like this:

  • Sunday – 1 mile
  • Monday – 6 miles
  • Tuesday – 6 miles
  • Wednesday – 1 mile
  • Thursday – 6 miles
  • Friday – at least one mile
  • Saturday – (Streaks over) Maybe a couple of miles

This really has been a lesson in pressing on!


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