Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Last Sunday night, we were talking about cold and snow…this morning we were greeted by…you guessed it…snow.  It reminded me of a line that we heard in the musical “Narnia” this past weekend.  “Welcome to Narnia, where it is always Winter and never Christmas, and especially not spring.”  The good news is that it is almost 45 at the moment and will warm up to near 60 tomorrow with some 70’s in the forecast for this week.  Soon I will be talking about cutting the grass…which has started turning green, but not as green as it was in South Carolina.

Speaking of South Carolina, we were at Southern Wesleyan University this past weekend for a preview weekend.  I can’t believe our youngest is now looking at colleges.  James really enjoyed the trip and now we are looking at taking a trip to Indiana Wesleyan in the fall.  It will be cool to visit my alma mater.

While one the trip we got to visit Skins Hot Dogs, which is a local Upstate SC chain.  It was very good and had a unique atmosphere – and I say that in a good way.  If you are ever in the Upstate SC area, you need to check them out.

While at SWU, we also took in the annual musical – which as I already mentioned was a musical adaptation of “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.” The cast did a great job.  It was very enjoyable.

What was not enjoyable was the ride home – One particular stretch of highway – from Statesville, NC to Fancy Gap, VA was miserable – stop and start and slow traffic along with rain and fog and general poor visibilty.

We had a great choir rehearsal tonight as we prepare for the Easter season.  I’m even hoping our church children join us for a rendition of “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” on Easter morning.  We had a great morning of musical worship this morning.  The team did a great job and God’s presence could really be felt.

This week returns to “normal.” I’m not even sure what that means anymore.  I know it does include 4 runs, since the Park to Park 1/2 Marathon is just 4 weeks away.  Tomorrow I plan on a long run of around 13 miles – with another one next Monday at least.  I can’t believe how it snuck up on me.  Other wise the weather looks great and I am looking forward to some warmer runs over the next few weeks.

That about wraps it up as we are waiting for Rebecca and Michael to get home so we can Skype.  Blessings and Pressing On!

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