When Worship Hurts…

I-Will-Praise-You-Website-BannerIs it singing worship songs or preaching? No. Is it reading our Bibles? No. Is it a consistent early-morning time of devotion? No. Is it being an incredible neighbor? No. Is it going to church, giving tithe, teaching a class? No. I could go on and on, but what I really want to highlight is where many American Christians draw the line: when worship hurts.

What? Worship can hurt?…..Yes! True worship is expressed to the fullest when our sacrifice of praise costs us dearly. It’s when we are brought to our knees, when more is required from us than what we see is humanly possible (as if any work of God is “humanly possible”)… That’s when we come face to face with true worship.

  • Worship is obedience—to whatever extent God demands..
  • There is a big distinction between “hearing” the Word and “doing it.” 
  • Abraham is one of the greatest archetypes of faith and obedience.

from Jamie Harvill’s blog

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