Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsWaiting….

As I write this I am waiting for Rebecca and Michael so that we can Skype.  I’ve been doing a lot of waiting of late…waiting to pick Anna up from work…waiting for it to warm up so I can go for a run…waiting for it to warm up – period.

The Deep Freeze

Like most of the country, we are caught in a late January deep freeze. Yes, it’s not as cold as other places that we have lived and yet after nine years since living in those cold places, it seems really cold.  Tonight we walked out of church and the temp was 25 degrees – cold and yet it seemed balmy especially because the wind wasn’t blowing for the first time in several days.

We do get a break from the cold tomorrow and then we plunge back in for a couple of days with some warmer weather coming for next weekend.  I am really looking forward to that.

Hoping for Normal

The weather has thrown everything off…James only went to school on Monday and has been home since.  Augusta County is currently on a two hour delay for tomorrow.  Let’s hope it stays a two hour delay.  I’m hoping for a run around noon and then I have to play my runs by ear for the rest of the week, with plans to get in a ten miler on Saturday.

Chili Cook-off

Today we had a wonderful day of worship.  The weather has really thrown things off (is that a theme of this post or what?) Our team didn’t get to practice like normal, so we rehearsed this morning before church.  It went very well and the team did a great job.

This evening our church had our annual Chili Cook-off.  I made some chicken chili.  This year there were three chicken chili recipes.  I really enjoyed the hot chili that used pork instead of ground beef.

We missed last year’s chili cook-off because Robert was being born.  We get to celebrate his birthday this week, along with James’ birthday.  It looks like a great week and I am looking forward to what God has in store.

Pressing On!


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