Why is There a Lack of Nursery Volunteers in the Church?

nurseryministryWhy is There a Lack of Nursery Volunteers in the Church

Earlier this week I asked my friends on Facebook to give me suggestions for blog ideas. My two older sisters suggested that I write a blog about how great they are. I have to say that could be a funny blog. The nursery director from our church suggested the topic about lack of nursery volunteers. Which I think would be a great blog subject.

            The lack of nursery workers in the church in my observation is a problem that many churches deal with. We were at church when James was little that had a Sunday night service but never had anyone in the nursery to watch the children. There were no young families coming to church on Sunday night.  I was expected to be at church Sunday night with James, who was young enough to be in the nursery. So I went to church and sat in the nursery in the basement with my son. I had no way to hear what was going on in the service. I finally stopped going to church on Sunday night because I was not getting anything out of being there.

            Most churches expect the parents of the children to staff the nursery. The thought historically goes,  once your children grew old enough to leave the nursery, your nursery duties were done. I know nursery directors here this excuse quite a bit.  The conversation goes this way:

  • I have done my time in the nursery.
  • I did when my children were young now it is time for the parents of the children to do it.

So why do we have such a difficult time finding people to staff our nurseries in church:

  1. People do not understand that rocking a baby in the nursery is one of the most important things you could do for God’s kingdom. It is a place for the child to learn about God’s love. When they are in the nursery, they can be taught about God’s love. It is the first place in the church where Christian discipleship begins.
  2. Working in the nursery is not a visible ministry.  Many people prefer the visible ministries “jobs” to the invisible.
  3. Most people do not understand when they are in the nursery taking care of children, they are not only ministering to the children but they are also ministering to the parents. When the parents can sit in the service, they are being discipled and it will make them better parents.
  4. Most people do not understand the need for a well-staffed nursery. Without children in a nursery, the churches’ future is dim.  One of the signs of a dying church is there are no children in the church.

I want to encourage you to sign-up for nursery ministry.  Just think how much easier that would make the nursery director’s job.  The bonus is that you get to make an impact for the Kingdom.

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