Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsIt’s been a pretty incredible week.  We have seen an extreme in temperatures this week.  Yesterday we were walking around in long sleeves, earlier in the week we were bundled up.  We celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas this week…that was exciting and I really enjoyed our Christmas eve service.  That has really become the highlight of the Christmas season for me.  This morning during worship, we did our annual “only the band” worship set, with just me on vocals.  It’s always tough to get everyone together for rehearsal during the Christmas week.  Hopefully, we’ll have everyone back next week.  

It was good to get together with my brother and his family on Christmas day – and it was good to have my mom and dad around as well.  Right now, we are watching the Cowboys and Eagles – hoping the Eagles win and go to the playoffs.  

I have three services to get ready for this week.  We have our regular service on Sunday and then the area Wesleyan churches are getting together for our 5th Sunday Sing – that is always fun and then on Saturday night, I am helping our Waynesboro church start a contemporary service.  For the moment it is a once a month service – if it goes well, we might start expanding it.  

It’s been an interesting week on another front because our check engine light keeps going on and off.  At the moment it is off, but it makes it difficult to get a code when it alternates like that.  

That’s about all I have this week.  Pressing On!

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