It’s Still Christmas

Nativity-Scene1While for the most part, the world has moved on to “bigger and better” things – at least in their opinion, the fact remains that the season of Christmas is not over.

I guess that is why I really like the liturgical church year.  For the four weeks leading up to Christmas, we have been preparing the way for the coming of Jesus – after all, that is what Advent is all about.  From Christmas Day to January 5 (otherwise known as the 12 Days of Christmas,) we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I think it’s interesting – we take the season of preparation and make it all about Christmas and then when Christmas really arrives – we immediately put it away.  I had a great conversation with those who decorate our sanctuary.  During the discussion, we were talking about when to take down the Christmas decorations.  I told them I would love the decorations to be up through January 5 – immediately one of them agreed – being that the days between Christmas and January 5 constitute the 12 days of Christmas.  This coming Sunday, most of our songs will focus on the birth of Jesus, while next Sunday we will do that plus at the wisemen element – especially since we will be so close to Epiphany.

Here’s my encouragement – I think we have been so busy in preparing the way for Christmas that we often forget to celebrate Christmas – take these next few days and celebrate the birth of our Saviour – Emmanuel – God with us!

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