Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsLive Streaming

Today at church we tried something new – not without glitches – but not completely unusable.  We live streamed our service.  The cool thing is that we had at least (that I know of) “tune-in.”  James did a great job managing all the tech stuff today.  He was alone in the tech booth – taking care of sound/video and the streaming.  Fortunately the streaming and sound are not real complicated for our church.  I thought it went well.  We need to work on a couple of things.  One is providing a hard-wired connection to the laptop that is streaming. The other is getting a better video camera.  The sound off the board was good (I need to work on the balance a little.) I think we are well on our way to making this a permanent feature.

Otherwise today’s worship service was good.  The congregation really sang out as we sang several familiar Christmas carols and yet not ones that we have sung ever year, like “O Holy Night.” That is not an easy congregational song and yet our congregation did very well.  A man in our congregation shared a song that he wrote for the special music – that was cool.  The only problem we had was a wireless mic that decided to go rogue on us.

Pam is doing well and recovering although she is a little tired and has already gone to bed for the evening.  James and I are on the couch looking at our tree – it’s so quiet and I love it.  This coming week is going to be compact – I’m working tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.  The good thing is that I already have the songs picked out for Sunday!  More Christmas carols as Sunday is the first Sunday in Christmas.  This year we even have a second Sunday of Christmas – although I think the song selection will be more focused on the three kings, being that Epiphany is the next day.

It’s warm and not feeling much like Christmas today – and we’ve had quite a bit of rain.  But the weather will change – even as we speak, it’s getting colder.  It will feel more like Christmas – although I haven’t seen any snow in the forecast. So there will be no repeat of last year’s sliding on the ice.

That’s about all I have.  Pressing On!

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