The Year In Running

527000_349883641761907_969383248_nIt’s always interesting to look back at the past year in running.  So, how did I do?  In 2012, I worked out 241, this year I added just one work out for a total of 242.  I find this stat very interesting.  Yet, with only one extra workout, I completed 1546 miles.  Last year I completed 1355.  So I completed 190 miles more than last year with only one extra workout.  Most of that is due to the marathon training.  It will be tough to beat 2013 in terms of miles, because I don’t plan on running another marathon this fall.

I was able to complete one 5K, a 1/2 marathon, and marathon.  In the 1/2 marathon and marathon, I set personal records.  I would like to PR a 5K this year as well as PR a 1/2 marathon and run my first 10K.  Here’s to pressing on in 2014!

Goodbye 2013


This is a fairly low key end of the year for us.  Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate the new year and now are taking it easy.  Normally we have several top 10 posts at the end of the year but tonight, we are going to combine them into one.

Music: In no particular order –

Hello My Name Is – Matthew West

Lord I Need You – Matt Maher

Kings and Queens – Audio Adrenaline

Overcomer – Mandisa

Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin

Words – Hawk Nelson

Worn – Tenth Avenue North

Steal My Show – TobyMac

Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys

He Is With Us – Love and the Outcome

News Stories

  • The Boston Marathon Bombings – a national story that impacted this runner.
  • Pope Benedict Resigns – Pope Francis is Elected  – The first time in 600 years a pope resigned.  Pope Francis assumes the role in a humble manner.
  • Toronto Mayor Scandal – Most entertaining story
  • ObamaCare – Most Talked About
  • Jodi Arias Trial – Most Creepy
  • The Royal Birth
  • The George Zimmerman Trial
  • Nelson Mandela Dies

Personal Stories:

  • Our first grandson – Robert is born
  • Dale runs his first marathon in Richmond
  • Pam’s dad passed away, almost 5 years to the day of her mom
  • Anna graduated from Southern Wesleyan University
  • Pam takes her first plane trip
  • James competed in States for Student Congress

At the Crack of Dawn


“Take a long look at the sheer quantity of wreckage around us—wrecked bodies, wrecked marriages, wrecked careers, wrecked plans, wrecked families and a wrecked world. Yet we believe that God’s Spirit is among us and continues to hover over the chaos of the world’s evil. He is shaping a new creation and new creatures. We believe that God is not a spectator, in turn amused and alarmed at the wreckage of world history, but a participant. We believe that everything, especially everything that looks like wreckage, is material God is using to make a praising life. God is a tried and true help, a well-proven help. The verb, HELP is used in Psalm 46:5 (KJV): “God shall help her and that right early.” “At crack of dawn” is the more literal and far livelier translation of the Jerusalem Bible. We need not muddle through half the day, or half our lives, before God shows up rubbing His eyes, asking if there is anything He might do for us. He knows the kind of world we live in and our vulnerability to it. He anticipates our needs and plans ahead. He is there right on time to help, ‘at the crack of dawn.’” Eugene H. Peterson

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsIt’s been a pretty incredible week.  We have seen an extreme in temperatures this week.  Yesterday we were walking around in long sleeves, earlier in the week we were bundled up.  We celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas this week…that was exciting and I really enjoyed our Christmas eve service.  That has really become the highlight of the Christmas season for me.  This morning during worship, we did our annual “only the band” worship set, with just me on vocals.  It’s always tough to get everyone together for rehearsal during the Christmas week.  Hopefully, we’ll have everyone back next week.  

It was good to get together with my brother and his family on Christmas day – and it was good to have my mom and dad around as well.  Right now, we are watching the Cowboys and Eagles – hoping the Eagles win and go to the playoffs.  

I have three services to get ready for this week.  We have our regular service on Sunday and then the area Wesleyan churches are getting together for our 5th Sunday Sing – that is always fun and then on Saturday night, I am helping our Waynesboro church start a contemporary service.  For the moment it is a once a month service – if it goes well, we might start expanding it.  

It’s been an interesting week on another front because our check engine light keeps going on and off.  At the moment it is off, but it makes it difficult to get a code when it alternates like that.  

That’s about all I have this week.  Pressing On!

Sunday Set List

Sunday Set List Main

December 29, 2013

First Sunday After Christmas

Welcome and Announcements

Call to Worship and Invocation

Isaiah 63:7-9

Songs of Worship  

My Soul Magnifies the Lord

Go Tell It On the Mountain

Silent Night


Song of Worship

The First Noel

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

Worship through Giving

Worship through God’s Word

Fully Devoted to God’s Word

Closing Song

Glory in the Highest


Prayer for the Week

prayer-tyAlmighty God, you have poured upon us the new light of your incarnate Word: Grant that this light, enkindled in our hearts, may shine forth in our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Running Long

just-me-the-road-etsyYes, it’s that time of the week – time for my weekly running post.  This has been a good week on the running front, especially considering it is the end of December.  We had a cold December, which means that I have already done my share of cold-weather running.  I was hoping that I didn’t have to go out early this morning, but things needed to be done this afternoon, so out into the briskness I went.  I really think I am getting used to it, because 24 degrees doesn’t feel as cold as it used to.  Today was my scheduled long run and my goal was 9 miles.  In the weeks since Richmond, I have slowly been rebuilding my long run.  One of the reasons I say rebuilding is because I am working on running faster.  Last year’s Park to Park 1/2 marathon was run at about an 8:15 pace.  If I want to beat that, I need to get my long runs to that pace – not the 9:00/miles that I was running for Richmond.  My runs have been fast this week – even in the cold.  Today’s was the slowest of the week, clocking in at an 8:30/mile pace, but that was for 9 miles.  Yesterday I ran a short 3 miles.  The first mile I went out way too fast and sabotaged the rest of the run.  I’ve also been trying to take off the extra pounds from the Christmas feasting, so I think that slowed me down.  All in all, I am very happy with my progress so far.  The Park to Park 1/2 Marathon is sitting about 16 to 17 weeks out and my long run is already 9.5 miles.  Next week, I would like to run for 90 minutes and then for the next several weeks, just try to make that faster.  I am also concentrating on faster, shorter runs.  This week my plan is a 6 miler on Monday, 5 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles Thursday, and then a 90 minute long run on Saturday.  The weekday runs are all scheduled to be fast runs – pushing the 8:00/mile pace.  I need to start getting those under 8 minutes.

Like I said, overall I am very happy with this week’s progress.  I think the interesting thing that happened today was the middle miles.  It was miles 4, 5, and 6 that were just tough – they were the middle miles and sometimes during those miles – it can just get funky – the mind gets muddled – you want to just quit.  But today I persevered through those tough middle miles – even though the last two miles were slower than I wanted – they felt better – yet my legs were starting to feel the longer distances and the fact that I ran 24 miles this week – my longest weekly effort since Richmond.

It’s been good!  Pressing On! 

It’s Still Christmas

Nativity-Scene1While for the most part, the world has moved on to “bigger and better” things – at least in their opinion, the fact remains that the season of Christmas is not over.

I guess that is why I really like the liturgical church year.  For the four weeks leading up to Christmas, we have been preparing the way for the coming of Jesus – after all, that is what Advent is all about.  From Christmas Day to January 5 (otherwise known as the 12 Days of Christmas,) we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I think it’s interesting – we take the season of preparation and make it all about Christmas and then when Christmas really arrives – we immediately put it away.  I had a great conversation with those who decorate our sanctuary.  During the discussion, we were talking about when to take down the Christmas decorations.  I told them I would love the decorations to be up through January 5 – immediately one of them agreed – being that the days between Christmas and January 5 constitute the 12 days of Christmas.  This coming Sunday, most of our songs will focus on the birth of Jesus, while next Sunday we will do that plus at the wisemen element – especially since we will be so close to Epiphany.

Here’s my encouragement – I think we have been so busy in preparing the way for Christmas that we often forget to celebrate Christmas – take these next few days and celebrate the birth of our Saviour – Emmanuel – God with us!