Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsFall is really starting to come to the Valley, but not at too quick a pace.  Over the last few days, we have noticed that the trees are starting to change, but not too quickly.  I think it’s because we had a good amount of rain and that it wasn’t hot and dry for weeks on end.  I know that by the amount of grass I cut this year.  It is weird because it’s now been over a week since I have cut the grass and before that I had the yard split in two, cutting one half early in the week and the other half later in the week.

I love the fact that it’s almost 52 degrees tonight – already.  Hopefully we will lose a few more degrees because that will make a great morning for running 19 miles.  I’m really trying to not let that psych me out.  I did 18 last week, so it’s only one more mile and I’m hoping it will be at a 9:06 or faster pace.  9:06 is a four hour marathon pace.

It’s been a great week and we had a great weekend.  Yesterday, our family went up to Harrisonburg to look around – not for anything in particular, but just to look around.  I took Anna to Starbucks and we both had Salted Caramel Mochas.  James decided to have a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Today was a big day – we had a great worship service at Parkway this morning.  It was strange being back in our Sanctuary after being outside last week.  I really can’t wait to get rid of the multiple echos.  The team did a great job.

Not only did we have worship this morning, but Parkway and Waynesboro Wesleyan got together tonight for a 5th Sunday Sing.  Usually we have several other Wesleyan churches join us, but tonight it was just us and we had a wonderful time of praise and worship and testimonies.  I think it was what all of us needed.  It was different having an unstructured service – not knowing exactly what songs we were going to do – some were planned – some were off the cuff.  James did a great job bringing up the songs that we did spontaneously.  Here are some pictures

It was a good day and now it’s time to get some rest – 19 miles awaits in the morning.

Pressing On!


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