Why Do We Sing in Worship?

via David Santistevan —  September 28, 2013

corporate-worshipHave you ever wondered why we sing in worship?

Let’s be honest, it has it awkward moments. A room full of people…singing to God – some who can sing, some who cannot. People raising their hands, shouting “amen”, getting emotional.

Imagine if you hosted a dinner party with a bunch of people you didn’t know. You gathered them in your living room and announced – “Let’s sing together.” And yet most of the people didn’t know the songs.

Oftentimes our corporate worship can feel like this. And I want to tell you that this is OK. Sure, we need to improve our skill of being an engaging leader and being strategic in oursong choice.

But I want everyone – worship team and congregation alike – to dive into the awkwardness of corporate singing. And not just to sing, but to sing loud in corporate worship even if singing isn’t your “thing”.

Here’s why.

We sing because…

1. God is worthy – There is no other name that is worthy of all praise, glory, honor, and renown. The glory of God demands our praise and we respond with joy.

2. Singing Unifies the Church – Ever wonder why singing is the dominant art form in church? Singing is the easiest way to unify a large group of people.

3. God Commands it – The Word of God doesn’t suggest that we sing. It’s a command. ”Sing to him a new song…” (Psalm 33:3).

4. God Sings – Our God is a singing God. ”He will exult over you with loud singing…” (Zeph. 3:17).

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