By Jason Wert

Autism in the church is an invisible problem that is alienating families all over the country.

The 7-year-old boy danced around at the front of the room as the worship team played a song.  His parents made multiple attempts to corral him but to the child he was just fitting in.  After all, the adults were singing loud, waving their arms and swaying.  This was how he waved his hands and swayed to the Spirit in the room.

The adults didn’t see the worship that was happening.  They looked at the child with obvious irritation.  They looked at the parents with raised eyebrows silently asking why they don’t get their child under control.  (As if the parents haven’t been trying to keep him acting in the manner that people want children to act in a church service when child care isn’t being provided.)

With every giggle, every whisper to his parents that was a little louder than a whisper, every fidget in his seat the irritation of those around him seemed to exponentially grow.  People would move away from the child and his family.  The family was made to feel more and more unwelcome.

The child wasn’t just being disobedient.  The parents weren’t just slacking in their duties.

The child had autism.

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