May the Fourth Be With You

Just for fun

Just in case you didn’t know, today is May 4th – commonly known as “Star Wars Day” because “may the Fourth be with you!”  It was cute to see all the statuses on Facebook this morning.  Wesleyan pastor David Drury wrote this morning “10 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day.”

Happy Star Wars Day!

Luke: May the 4th be with you
Leia: And also with you
Han: I know

many bothans died

MEANWHILE… Many will celebrate by tweeting about it or liking memes on Facebook or G+. But some of you are looking for more substantive ways to celebrate. Here are my top ten ways to celebrate May the 4th Star Wars Day:

10 – Dress up in Jedi clothing and creep out people at the mall…

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 8.59.12 AM

9 – Speculate on what the next Star Wars movie might be like…

8 – Pray for the health of 81 year old legendary composer John Williams

Continue reading at David’s site

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