faith-hebrews-11_6“Faith is so important and doubt is so detrimental that God places regular tests of faith in front of His children. These are not intended for our failure, but for our success. Faith isn’t something to add to your spiritual arsenal, it is the gun that fires the bullet! Faith is everything! Faith in a person is like water in a bucket—you find out how much water is there when you bump the bucket. When circumstances bump you, you spill what you’re full of. It’s one or the other: faith or doubt. Bumps are going to happen. You will be tested. The purpose of the test isn’t just to reveal your faith; it’s also to refine your faith. God doesn’t test your faith so He can know how much is there—He already knows. He tests your faith so that you can know how much is there and see it grow. Every good thing God wants to give to us comes through the funnel of faith. He refines our faith because He loves us and wants to bless us more and more.”

James MacDonald

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