The Bucket List

One of my professors at FLAME talked about a bucket list. When people hear the words “bucket list,” they most of often think of a list of things that someone wants to do before they die. My professor thought of a bucket list that was the things you want to ask people in Heaven.  I have some questions I would like to ask of some of the people in the Bible, especially about events that happened in their lives.  However what if there are saints in Heaven who questions for us – Christians living in the Twenty-first Century?  I have to admit that the first time I thought about it this way was when I was reading “Not A Fan” by Kyle Idleman.  He suggested some of the questions that might be asked to us by the saints.

  1. What was it like to have the Holy Spirit? Ok, this would be a great question for Peter and the others who were at Pentecost. They really know what it means to have the Holy Spirit’s power. I really believe that there are many believers today, especially here in the United States who don’t have a clue to the amount of power that we have available to us through the Holy Spirit.  The next question is related to this first one.
  2. What is it like to be the temple of God, having God live in us? Remember most of the people in the Bible had to go to the Temple or the Synagogue. The Bible tells us that we are the Temple. So where ever we go God goes with us.
  3. What is like to have the whole Bible? Most Biblical characters only had parts of what we now know of the scriptures.  New Testament believers didn’t have the New Testament as we know it.  It was only after Paul started writing his letters to the churches.  It wasn’t until later that the canon of Scriptures as we know them today was put together.  However for us we have the story completely in place.  These early Christians risked their lives to tell and to hear the story of Jesus.  Sadly, most Christians today do not take the time to read the Bible.
  4. Do you feel blessed to know the end of the story? We have the whole Bible in our hands and we know that Jesus wins in the end.

I cannot think of any more questions they may ask us.  We forget that we have so much more than they did in past history and how blessed we are now.  We need to use the resources that we have been given to make a difference in our world.  We need to use those resources to share the gospel, especially in ways that could have never even been imagined many, many years ago.  What are you doing to advance the cause of Christ?

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