Sunday Night Thoughts

Getting Ready for Sandy

This looks like it could be an interesting week, especially considering the weather.  The last week has been nice, with the weather varying from summer like weather to fall like weather.  This week it will feel like fall as Sandy makes its way inland.  From the forecast, it sounds like it will mainly be a wind/rain event.  They are calling for several inches of rain, with the possibility of snow.  Most of the county school systems to our north and east are already closed for tomorrow as we get ready for what is being called an historic storm.

I’m really not too concerned except for power.  We live high and dry here, unlike some of the other houses we have lived in.  The only concern I have about power would be heat and (if it goes off for an extended time) the food in the freezer.  We will see what this week holds.


The weather makes figuring our church’s annual event difficult.  We plan on going through with it unless it is raining (and we may move it inside) or there is no power, in that case we will cancel.  I really hope that we don’t have to do that because this is a huge outreach event for us.


By next Sunday night, I will be in Pickens, SC for the week to lead worship at FLAME.  I am looking forward to being at FLAME.  It’s always a great time of encouragement, fellowship and networking.

Danville Half Marathon

After running the half yesterday, I am really encouraged by my training, although I have a nagging injury that has come back on my heel. If I can, I’d like to get out tomorrow and run – at least a few miles (3 or 4) just because, I may not get out till Thursday if I don’t.  Yesterday was amazing and I get to see the official results tomorrow.

Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

I had to learn this song this past week.  As I looked at the songs that God was leading me to use during worship today, I was drawn to this song.  Several of our older people knew it.  It was cool to teach an old song. The worship was warm and sweet today.  It was one of those days when it didn’t feel like I was leading – I simply got up and worshiped and the congregation followed.   Next week we have our Celebration Sunday and I am looking forward to it, even though I will miss the dinner following it to get to Table Rock.

That’s about all I have for the night.  Keep the people  in the Mid-Atlantic States and Northeast in your prayers.

Pressing On!


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