In The Taper Zone

The Danville Half Marathon is just a week away.  I really should be well into my tapering for this event.  It has been tough to back off on my training this time.  For one, I am feeling so strong and this morning’s run really brought that to light.  Part of my struggle was to get in one more long run – especially since my long runs have been on Monday.  I was able to get in one more run with plans to run a 7 miler on Monday and a 5 miler on Thursday. Then on Saturday we will be getting up early to head to Danville.

This morning’s run was pleasantly surprising – 11 miles at an 8:20 pace. I was trying out some energy gels that look like they will work out real well for Saturday.  It has been a great training season, especially considering that I have really only been training hard for about 12 weeks.  It has been amazing to watch my pace come down since early August, when I was struggling with 9-minute miles for short runs.

So here are my goals for this coming Saturday: (Good, Better, Best)

  • 1.) Finish in less than 2 hours (this is a 9:06/mile pace) and would also give me a PR (Personal Record for the distance of 13.1 miles.) – The way my training runs have gone, I have a fairly reasonable chance of making this goal. Still, there’s any number of things that can go wrong, so there are no guarantees.
  • 2.) Finish in less than 1:55:00. I have been running in the 1:55 type pace over the last few weeks.
  • 3.) Finish in less than 1:50:00. If everything is perfect, I may be able to get this, but that’s why you set multiple goals

Following next week’s race, I plan on working on setting up a base plan for the winter.  One-hour runs twice a week; a short (45 minute) speedwork session; and an 1-1/2 run.  I’d like to run some short 5k’s if the opportunity presents itself.

My future running plans include a return to the Park-to-Park 1/2 Marathon from Waynesboro to Stuarts Draft.  Then I would like to run a marathon in the fall, more than likely that marathon will be the Richmond marathon.

Well that about wraps it up for the week. Can’t wait for Saturday – Pressing On!

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