Sunday Night Thoughts

Over the years I have done this post in a couple of different ways.  It’s been a long weekend, so I think I’ll do it bullet point style tonight.

  • Stick a fork in me, I’m done – It’s been a very busy 72 hours and I have been around people for almost the entire 72 hours.  For an introvert, that can be very draining.
  • I am currently writing this, while relaxing on the couch watching the Eagles play the Giants on Sunday night football.
  • This past week, the hometown Phillies were eliminated from playoff contention 😦
  • Fall is coming quickly – the leaves have started changing – and the grass is finally starting to slow down – but will need to be cut again this week.
  • We had a wonderful time at our district Minister and Spouses Gathering
    • It was interesting, because the Gathering was right here in Staunton, so we were on retreat and yet if we needed something, we came home to get it.
    • I love hearing God’s people – especially the called sing and praise God through music.  I thought we were going to take the roof off our conference rooms a couple of times.  That was the coolest choir I’ve ever heard.  You should have heard the old hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” sung by 75 pastors and their spouses – it was amazing.
  • Last night and this morning, our church hosted our annual Global Impact Weekend.  We had a great speaker who, because of security measures will remain un-named.  Let’s just say it’s exciting to see how God is working in places where the Gospel is being opposed.
  • Thanks to a 3.1 mile walk this afternoon, I set a new personal record for most miles run/walked in a month.  It was only bested by .5 miles, but my new record is 149.82 miles in one month.
  • This evening, we gathered as a cluster (zone) for a 5th Sunday Sing.  It was great (again) to hear God’s people sing God’s praises and it is an encouragement for all of us.

That’s about all I’ve got…Tomorrow it is time for another long run, probably the last long, long run before the half marathon.  Pressing On!


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