Sunday Night Thoughts

I was really wondering what I was going to write about tonight. It’s been an extremely busy day…but it has also been a very good day. I love those kind of days.

Since I usually start writing about our current weather…fall has arrived and today and especially tomorrow morning, we get our real first taste of fall.  The lows tomorrow are going to be in the 30’s.  It looks like it’s time to get out the cold weather running gear in earnest.  We have had a day or two where we have worn long sleeves.  The leaves are starting to turn and in Gypsy Hill Park, there are some leaves on the ground already – along with a bunch of walnuts and acorns.  While it looks like the temps may moderate by the end of the week…we are moving toward winter and the cooler weather that it brings.  I’m looking forward to the end of the mowing season.  I plan to cut the grass early this week and then we’ll see when I cut it again.

Today was a great day with warm, Spirit-filled worship – the praise team and band did a great job on all accounts.  We also had a special praise team sing “Mighty to Save” but we did it in half Spanish and half-English.  Our team that went to El Salvador in July shared with us some of the exciting things that happened and served us lunch.  We tried some new techie things during lunch and they worked really well.  Pastor Barry continued our “Not a Fan” series.  This is really a powerful series and I believe that God is working in a powerful way.

This afternoon, Pam and I took a brisk walk to try to walk away the day’s calories before getting back to church this evening.  Pam went back for one of the Not A Fan small groups and I took advantage of some free time to get ahead of the game.  I already have most of Monday’s work done (WooHoo!) which is good because it’s going to be a short week.  Our District Minister and Spouses Gathering is this weekend.  I will be leading worship for it…and our Global Impact Weekend is also coming up and to add all that…we have a cluster (zone) 5th Sunday Sing on Sunday night.  So it is adding up to be a busy week, but then it calms down quite a bit.

We had a great choir rehearsal tonight.  I am so proud of our choir and they do a great job, especially considering that we only had 12 singers tonight.  It was pretty amazing on some difficult material.  I am really looking forward to presenting our Christmas musical as well as the rest of our Christmas specials.

That’s about it for the evening…time to head off to bed so I can get in a long run on a brisk, cool morning tomorrow.  Blessings…Pressing On!

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