Sunday Night Thoughts

A Cloudy Weekend

This has been an interesting weekend weather-wise.  We woke up on Saturday morning to cloudy, sort of muggy, yet cool weather.  That weather was the order-of-the-day — I ended up sweating and yet the sweat made me cold with the breeze blowing.  It started raining last night and this morning the rain continued – right into the afternoon, threatening our baptism service (more on that in a moment.) The rain has been making the grass grow like crazy.  I’m cutting the grass more now than I did in the spring.  On the other hand, we have the greenest grass that we have ever had at the parsonage.  The grass looks really good.

The Driveway Project

For those of you who have been to our house, you know about our driveway – there is field on either side and over the summer the field has encroached on the driveway making it difficult to see much of the wildlife that likes to cross our driveway.  Over the last week, I have been working on widening the margins on either side – first by weedwacking the worst of it and then mowing what’s left.  In addition, I have been trying to level the driveway stone and pulling it back away from the shoulders.  I still have about 100 feet of field to tame, but it is looking so much better.  I enjoy the extra calorie burn it gives me.  I know James appreciates the effort.  In addition, James and I have been trying to keep the weeds at bay in the flowerbeds.  Sometimes that feels like a losing battle.

An Awesome God Day

Over the past week, we have been preparing for today.  We were planning on participating in both sacraments that our church recognizes – communion and baptism.  Communion was planned to be part of our morning worship service and the baptism service was planned for this afternoon.

This morning’s service was one of those more complicated services with scripture readings, responsive readings, unison readings, prayer, music and video elements.  It had the potential of someone forgetting where they might need to be, but none of that happened – what happened was a wonderful service of worship that focused on “a table prepared…” from Psalm 23:5.  During “Jesus Paid It All,” I became overwhelmed at the price that Christ paid for each one of us and it became difficult for me to sing.  There was a wonderful spirit of worship this morning.  God deserves all the praise for this service.

Like I said, this afternoon was supposed to be a baptism service.  We were invited to a picnic before the service and it began to rain, just like it had on and off all morning.  Around 2, our pastor said, “This is just a quick shower, by 3 it will all be gone.” I wasn’t so sure, but amazingly as the time for the service approached (at about 2:55) the rain stopped, the clouds separated and the sun came out. It was awesome!  We began the service with the sun out and no rain which was unbelievable, considering 5 minutes before it was drizzling and cloudy.

We read several passages of scripture, sang “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone),” examined the candidates, baptized them, and then Pam prayed for the child who was baptized and I prayed for the teen.  Then we hung out and ate cake and chips and then helped clean up.  It was cool because then James and I went swimming.  It was just an amazing day over all.  Thank you to all who participated and were part of this day.  Thank you to our Lord and Savior – for paying the price for our sins so that we might have life and be raised with Him.

Pressing On!

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