Sunday Night Thoughts

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Good evening blogging world.  It is Sunday night and it has been an interesting week to say the least.  Summer began this week at 7:09 PM on Wednesday. I have a funny story about that.  Wednesday was also the day I had my surgery.  I was told to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM to start the procedure for my surgery.  I like to be early, so we were there before they even opened the main doors.  Surprisingly, we weren’t the first to arrive.  We waited for the first person in line to be processed and then it was my turn.  They processed me quickly and before I had a chance to catch my breath, they were preparing me for surgery.  After what seemed like a million questions – which I am very glad for – making sure I’m the right person – what surgery I am having and so on — the nurse showed me the television and I turned on Good Morning America. It was just after 7 and they were doing the weather and mention that summer solstice was arriving at 7:09 PM.  It wasn’t long after that the anesthesiologist and the surgeon arrived.  The surgeon mentioned something about the first day of summer and I said “Yes, it arrives at 7:09 PM!”  He looked at me like, “What are you, a weather geek?”  I explained that I just saw that factoid on GMA, but didn’t mention that I really am a weather geek.  We have had some warm days – Wednesday was really warm.  We’ve even had some rain which helps the grass grow and fortunately someone is helping me with the grass over the next few weeks.  We have had cool mornings, but by the time the afternoon rolls around, the sun is hot – but it is June.  The early part of the week will be cool and later it will be warm again.

The surgery went well – except for a little gas pain now.  By Friday, I was starting to climb the walls.  Yesterday, I went out with Pam and James to the Staunton farmers market.  Then we walked around Wal-Mart for a while and then to the mall (which isn’t very big) just to walk around and get out of the house.  Last night, we went to Chick-Fil-A Unplugged.  We were able to hear several acoustic performers.  I am planning in participating in the next one in July.  It was a great evening of music on the patio of Chick-Fil-A.

This morning Pam and I got up and both went for a walk – Pam at a much faster pace than I.  I walked a little over a mile at a very easy pace.  I plan on taking another walk tomorrow morning at the same slow pace.  It was nice to get back out in the park again and I saw several familiar faces.  One of the cool things at the hospital was that several of the nurses were runners, so we had that to talk about.  Post-op the nurses had to keep reminding each other that the reason my pulse was so slow was that I was a runner.  My pulse was 45 post-op.  It was even that at one point on yesterday.  The anesthesiologist was also happy to hear that I was in good physical shape because he said that would facilitate my recovery – I think he was right.

Today we had a good service at Parkway.  It was good to worship with everyone today.  We tried something new this morning.  Our church is very missions-oriented and so we try to highlight one of the ministries that we support each month.  We thought it would be a great idea to start doing live interviews and today was the first.  At first, I was a little stressed because I couldn’t get the audio from the sound system into the laptop, so that they could hear me clearly.  It took some doing, but we finally got it.  We interviewed the missionary via Skype and that worked awesome.  It was a high-risk venture, but it was also high-reward.  I heard many complimentary comments regarding the interview.  The praise team did a great job, especially since we only rehearsed one time this morning.

This afternoon we just goofed-off.  Anna went on a trip with the young adults from church, so we just hung out and watched NASCAR.  Well that about covers it for this week.  I am looking forward to continuing to feel better.  This Thursday I get to rehearse with the district praise team for district conference.  I’ll be playing guitar.  I am looking forward to what God has in store for this week.

Seize the Day!

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