Sunday Night Thoughts

Post #3156

Tomorrow marks the unofficial beginning of summer.  The temps are beginning to remind me of summer.  I have enjoyed the rainy weather of late, except for the fact that it makes the grass grow like crazy.  The original forecast for this weekend was much hotter than it turned out.

I can’t believe that the kids are almost out of school.  All of our students get out this coming Friday, so summer vacation begins in earnest for them.  Our Vacation Bible School is just two weeks away.  We are going with the Go Fish Guy’s Praise program.  It is a solid Bible-based program.  We may use some different songs, but all the Bible teaching will be the same.  There is a great staff lined up for this program.  I am looking forward to it.

This marks my first week side-lined with a non-running injury.  Hopefully this week I will hear from my doctor and get the surgery scheduled.  It will be strange because I’m working tomorrow – the first Memorial Day in about five years.  I remember working quite a few Memorial Days back when I worked for Radio Shack.  I’ve opted for more days at shorter hours so I am not standing for as long.

This morning during worship we celebrated Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came and the church began.  We had a good service.  I ended up playing bass for more than half the songs.  We did some older songs such as “Pentecostal Power,” and “Fill Me Now” and some 60’s and 70’s songs – “Come, Holy Spirit” and “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.”  At the moment we are watching our second race of the day – the Coca Cola 600.

Following worship, we had a very nice picnic at church.  We had a great time of fellowship.  To finish off the day, we went to Taco Bell – to get some Doritos Tacos and then to Kline’s (a local ice cream shop.) It was a great way to finish off a day.

Tomorrow we take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Thank you!

Seize the Day!

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