Introverts Run the World…Quietly

Most people would probably be surprised if I told them that I am an introvert. Surprise!!!  I grew up in a home of extroverts. I had three older sisters and one younger brother.  My sisters did most of the talking for me, so much so that early in my life there was concern that I wasn’t talking yet.  The doctor’s diagnosis – she has three sisters who do all the talking for here.  For most of my life I have felt invisible to the world.  To be honest even as an adult I feel that way. When I was in elementary school, my family moved from a small village called East Texas, PA to a bigger town Emmaus, PA. It was only a short move from East Texas to Emmaus and yet the day of the move it was huge, because I took the wrong bus home – to the house in East Texas.  I spent several hours in a dark, cold, empty house (It was winter and it got dark early.) My parents did not notice I was not at the new home till supper was over.  As I gotten older I have to learn to find the extrovert inside of me because is want I had to do to get the attention of my parents. I said all that because a couple of weeks ago our daughter Anna who is the introvert of our children put this video on her wall. A couple of days ago she put the whole article on my Facebook timeline.  I thought it would share the video and article so all introverts of the world stand up with pride.


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