Sunday Night Thoughts

It has been a week of contrasts weather-wise this week here in the Shenandoah Valley.  Last Sunday night it was snowing like crazy.  By mid-week, we had shorts and t-shirts on and this weekend has been crazy windy and colder.  All that changes tomorrow when it goes back to being spring-like.  The ten day forecast looks nice with several chances of rain.  The chances of us getting any significant snow are becoming less and less.  Apparently we are going to have an early spring.

This has been a tough week on the fitness front.  Last Saturday I injured my ankle. I have been limping around for most of the week, although I’ve had some minor success running.  My total miles is way down for the week.  If everything feels good, I may go out for an easy run tomorrow.  I can wait to lose some pounds again.  I’ve bumped back to 195 at the moment, but as soon as I start gaining some mileage the 5 pounds I’ve gained back will disappear.  When I run, my appetite isn’t as strong.

We had a great night last night celebrating marriage at our church.  It was a great time as we had a sweetheart dinner — great food, great fellowship, and some great fun.

We had another great worship service today.  The music was great – the praise team did a great job.  We were also enlightened about a great compassionate ministry in our city – Valley Mission.  We have supported them for several years and I was impressed by their presentation today.  Pam taught a children’s sermon during worship and our lead pastor preached a great message from the book of Job.

Slowly our house is filling up as Anna is home from spring break.  Michael and Rebecca will be headed this way tomorrow.  It will be good to have all the “kids” home.  I look forward to this week.  Praying that you have a great week.

Seize the Day!

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