As the church peers out its window at the culture that surrounds it, it must make a decision: Will the Church open the window to see, really see, what is going on?  As we enter the twenty-first century, it would be nice to say, “Let’s stay the same.” But the world out there has changed and continues to change rapidly.  The world in which young people are now being raised is not the same as the world in which many already in the church grew up…Change surrounds us.  We in the Church cannot help being changed as well, for we do not have the luxury of staying the same in a world that is rushing forward at breakneck speed.  In moral terms, much of the change is neither good per se nor bad; but the way we respond to the changing culture will tell us much about ourselves.

Daniel T. Benedict and Craig Kennet Miller, Contemporary Worship for the 21st Century (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 1998). 33.

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