It Is Still Just A Game

In the “I Can’t Believe It” category:

This morning, we were watching Good Morning America while getting ready to come to church and bring James to the bus stop.  Along comes the story, that is incredible to hear.

Sunday night we watched as the Ravens blew their opportunity to win the AFC championship.  Fieldgoal Kicker Billy Cundiff missed a relatively short 32 yard field goal.  From what I understand the 49er/Giants game had a similar last minute blunder that cost the 49ers the game.

While watching the news this morning, I found out that so called “fans” have sent death threats via social media.  I realize that many people take sports much more seriously than I do.  For me sports are a past time – something I do when there’s nothing else to do.  But seriously, football — even NFL football, is just a game people.  As I was doing some research about this, I came across this great article.

Kyle Williams Death Threats Further Prove Sports Fans Yet to Evolve

The writer says it better than I can, but here are a few excerpts:

Kyle Williams has been receiving multiple death threats since Sunday night. His crime? He did not hurt anyone. He did not assault anyone. He did not lie, cheat or steal. He didn’t bilk anyone out of their life savings. He did not embezzle from investors. He did not commit and sins or crimes against humanity.

He fumbled.

Alright, he fumbled twice.

But death threats? Really?

This is a game, people.

Kyle Williams is a 23-year-old kid who was thrust into a situation that he may not have been ready for, following the injury that forced Ted Ginn Jr. to sit out the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. He has played two seasons in the NFL after coming out of the Arizona State Sun Devils collegiate team. He is still just a kid.

Yes, his two mistakes led to the Giants winning the game and advancing to the Super Bowl. The 49ers will have to wait until next year to get back to glory. As will the Ravens.

But folks, life goes on in San Francisco and Baltimore.

Life goes on for Williams and Cundiff.

Life needs to go on for certain fans as well.

It is just a game.

Just a game.

People can criticize Ray Lewis of the Ravens if they want. But they need to handle a loss as well as he does. Take a cue from Lewis and listen to his comments regarding Cundiff and the loss.

And this is a player who plays the game. Not just a fan of the game.

It is time to change people.

And that time is now.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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