Looking Back

As we look back at the year of 2011, some of will think of the songs that spoke to us — the big news stories that made the year and the events that happened to us this year. I think there is one more thing we need to think about — what difference did we make in people’s lives this year.  Every one we meet takes away something from us.  In the same way, we take something from them. Did we make a good or bad difference in their lives? I think of some of my friends who are in the military who have who have been transferred – what have I done to make their lives better?  I know the difference that they have made in mine – I am a better person for knowing them.  Are there people in your life that are better because they know you? Are you better because you know a person and that has made you a better person? Have you told them? As we leave the year of 2011 and look forward to 2012, maybe one of the goals we can have this year is to make a difference in the lives of each person that we contact in 2012.  We should make their lives better because they know us.

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