Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t got around to visiting

This is an interesting question, because so many times we can end up living somewhere and not visiting any of the local attractions.  One of the things we did this past summer was take a Stay-cation.  While it did save us money, it also gave us the opportunity to visit many of the local attractions.  James and Anna planned the various days and we had great fun over the course of the week.  Last summer we ended up visiting many of the local attractions:

  • The Camera Museum
  • The Blackfriar Theatre (American Shakespeare Center)
  • Sunspot Studios (A stained glass studio) – We live in a very artsy town.
  • We visited “Jumbo” an antique fire truck
  • The Trinity Episcopal Stained Glass Windows.

Those were a few of the places that we visited, however, it did leave some more obvious places out such as

  • The Frontier Cultural Museum
  • The Ross Buckley Museum
  • The Woodrow Wilson Library
  • American Military Museum

In addition there are several Civil War battlefields not too far away as well as several caverns and caves.  So if you lived in the Shenandoah Valley, what would be some of the places you would like to visit?

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