Sunday Night Thoughts

Wow, it seems as this past week has flown by.  It has been a busy week as we get ready for a wedding this coming week.  It’s sort of funny…in a weird sort of way…the groom is Canadian.  Last year every time he visited us during the summer we had sweltering temps.  Guess what?  This week is going to be very summer-like.  Last week, we thought we might have to get an ark.  This week, I’m concerned I might have to start watering the grass, which has been growing like crazy.  Looks like the typical summertime humidity has returned to the Shenandoah Valley.

I have more to say about this week, but I’ll put that in a separate post on Tuesday.  Since I wrote on hamy ving blogger’s block on Thursday, I’ve come up with a few ideas and Pam has fed me a few ideas for this coming week.  We’ll see if I have time to work on those.  This week I just may do what I’ve been doing.

I haven’t written much about my running, but that is going very well.  It looks by Tuesday, which is the end of the month, I will have cleared 100 miles of walking and running.  Over 60% of that is running miles.  I have also been trying to watch what I eat, but that is so difficult – I love food.  I have hit a new milestone in that I now weigh 230 pounds.  I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I weighed that – at least 15 years.  It feels so good.

Last night, Pam and I prayed for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on the service this morning.  Wow!  This morning was incredible.  The team was on and God filled the sanctuary of Parkway.  It is always amazing to be used of God in ways like that.  Thank you team for being obedient to the Spirit.  Thank you Lord for the way you moved among our midst.

I encourage you to spend some time tomorrow remembering those who gave their lives for their country.  As I write this, I am listening to the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS.  Tomorrow morning, we are planning on attending the Memorial Day service at Gypsy Hill Park.  Last year’s service was inspirational, so we are looking forward to this years.

I hope that you have a great week and…

Seize the Day!

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