Sunday Night Thoughts

What a cool day we had today.  The picture that leads off today’s post was taken just a few minutes ago, just before the rain started all over again.  That’s ok, because we really need the rain.  What’s really funny about the rain today is that a year ago we had our open house here at the new parsonage and it did exactly the same thing – sun, rain, sun, rain, sun rain – although we didn’t have any pretty rainbows.

Like I said, today was a really cool day.  The weather was about perfect, even with the rain because I don’t want to water the grass this year.

Pam had a chance to preach today and did a great job preaching about God’s love.  The worship team did an awesome job – singers, players, and techs.  You could really feel the Holy Spirit moving among us this morning.  Many people said they identified with what Pam was preaching.  I also sang “How He Loves” as part of the message and it was just cool.

We spent the past two afternoons relaxing — I like that.  Last night we had a teen Nerf night and that was great fun.  I even got a run in this evening.  I am not an evening runner, but it worked tonight and I was glad I got it in, because the rest of the week is going to be crazy.

We are getting ready for our local church conference, so that means reports and that kind of stuff.  In addition we have tickets to go to the Innovate Church Conference at Thomas Road on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It should be really good and I’m looking forward to it.

That’s about all I have for the evening — It’s time to clean up from my run and get ready for bed.

Seize the Day! 

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