Unwrapping Lazarus

One Sunday I taught our preschool worship students the story about Jesus raising Lazarus. We played the game of unwrapping Lazarus, which was a game where I wrapped the each child in toilet paper then the other children would take off the toilet paper. As I got ready to teach this story, my mind started to think about the time I heard the story of Lazarus preached by Bud Bence.  As he was preaching, he asked “Could you imagine what it was like when Lazarus came out of the grave?” As he talking about Lazarus coming out of the grave, he was acting it out too. In his sermon, Bud talked about what Lazarus smelled like because he was dead for four days. When Lazarus came out of the tomb, it would have been messy.  Are we afraid to help those who don’t know Jesus because it might be messy? When I was planning to teach this story and thinking about the sermon, I thought what it was like to unwrap him. Not only did he smell but was there were decaying parts on his body. When you work with and help sinners you may have to peel back years of sin and that there might be some scars from their sinful life. It may not be always pretty what you find.  When we see what is under the wrappings, we remember that God loved us when he saw what was under our wrappings before we were saved.

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