When My Service Becomes an Act of Worship

I put a high premium on service.  Since I’m not a particularly musical person, my concept of worship goes well beyond singing praise and worship songs; in fact, at times I may be more dismissive of this form of worship than I should be.  I listen to myself and those around me sing songs of incredible commitment, making seemingly heartfelt promises — but how many of them will we actually keep?  Yes, in some sense music helps us rest and revel in God’s presence, but too often we walk out of church and go our own selfish ways.  I can find no verses in the New Testament in which Jesus commanded his disciples to sing songs for at least a half hour once a week, but I can hardly go two pages without coming across Jesus’ call to commitment, a call he applied and fulfilled in glorious fashion…We don’t turn this relationship on and off; it has to remain the tenor of our lives.  I can’t ignore God for days on end and then get in front of a group and expect to rest in and rely on his empowering presence.  But when my life becomes a prayer, when my service becomes an act of worship, when God-granted humility becomes my companion, then relying on God becomes the only thing I know how to do.  There is no other way…when we work with God instead of for God, our sweat creates an intimacy.  In fact, it becomes an act of adoration and worship.

Gary Thomas – The Beautiful Fight: Surrendering to the Transforming Presence of God Every Day of Your Life.

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