Sunday Thoughts

  • Wow!  God is moving — not only here at Parkway, but I saw that God did some great things at other churches in our district today.  These are exciting times.  More on that in a minute.
  • We are having some crazy weather around here.  8 inches of snow in 4 hours on Wednesday night.  Two almost normal temp days along with sunny skies put some serious hurt on the snow.  Then two days of above normal temps have made the 8 inches of snow almost disappear, but there is in the forecast more nasty weather — this time in the form of sleet/freezing rain/rain — over the next three days.  Should be interesting.  Last year at this time, we were getting ready for the BIG storm that occurred over SuperBowl weekend.
  • The weather was nice enough to go out for a run in just a long sleeve shirt and shorts.  I love it.  I am slowly building up my mileage in training for the Park to Park Half-Marathon at the end of April
  • We had a good showing at the “To Save A Life” movie last night and at least one person prayed with a counselor.  If only one life is changed, it is worth it.  Several who were at the movie last night, were in worship with us this morning.
  • This week slows down compared to the last several weeks and I am excited about that.  It will give me a chance to catch up and develop a clear picture of where God is wanting us to go in the area of Worship Arts and Student Ministries.
  • Getting back to my opening statement.  This morning was amazing and completely a God thing.  The Holy Spirit’s presence was very apparent.  The worship team was ON!  The congregation sang like I never heard them.  Pastor Barry preached an amazing message on The Powerful Cross.  People responded at the challenge.
  • Our worship team always gets together before the service to pray.  During that prayer, I handed over the bunch of little details that just seemed to get in the way and were determined to take our minds off the purpose of being there.
  • As we finished praying, God reminded me that it is in our weakness that He works through us.  That became the leaping off point for this morning’s worship.  I handed every thing to Him and became obedient and the rest was amazing.  God deserves all the glory for the service that He orchestrated to me.  I am humbled to be part of it.
  • Time to wrap this up and get ready to get some much deserved sleep.

Seize the Day!

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