My Big American/Canadian Wedding

Some of you already know that Dale and I are planning a wedding for our oldest, Rebecca. The big day is coming in June of 2011. The happy couple will be having two weddings – one in the United States and another in Canada. We get to plan the American wedding. We are really excited about this wedding. We will be getting a great son-in-law and while we haven’t spent much time with his family they seem like wonderful people Michael is the perfect guy for Rebecca and Michael’s family seems like they are a fun loving family like our family.

When I think of wedding it is not the planning of the wedding that the most stressful. It is the time after the wedding that can be stressful. “Why,” you ask, because you are taking two strangers who grew up in two different worlds. They have to make a family from both of their worlds. The husband and wife also have to learn to get along with their in-laws too.

One of the favorite movies in our house is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Dale has never seen the whole movie before this week. I borrowed it from our local library this week. The reason I really like the movie is because it reminds me of our own relationship. I came from the big, loud, crazy family. When my family gets together, you never know what will happen. In my memories of holidays, there was always something crazy happening. When I was younger, my grandmother was always in the middle of the craziness and my parents were not too far away from it. One of the most memorable holidays was the Thanksgiving before Dale and I dated, we had a funeral for the turkey. An empty butter dish was the coffin and the eulogy was done by one of the pastors in the family. Every holiday, there is one person who can’t resist shooting whipped cream at someone. Dale’s family was small and much quieter. Their holidays are much quieter too. Mostly they sit around and talk, then someone gets a guitar and they will sing for hours.

Imagine when we got together; when we got to my home after our first date, two of my sisters and their families were at the house. Dale was a overwhelmed with every one there. My mother wanted to talk to my brother who was upstairs. She went to bottom of the stairs and yelled “James Michael Scott’ Dale looked at me with shock on his face and asked me “A there more people here”. I told him my mom was just calling my brother. Her nick name for him was James Michael Scott. My parents only had one boy and my mom wanted to use all the boys’ names she could. I had to get use to the quietness of his parents’ home too. Dale and I decide to get married despite the differences in our family. Yes, my family did chant “smash the cake in his face” which I did. His family is still wondering why I did it.

Our family is a mixture of both families. It is not as crazy as mine but not to quiet. This past Thanksgiving I was trying to find a place to sit and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. James had some pillows on the loveseat. I start to throw them off and James threw them back at me. This started a pillow fight with all of the kids including Michael and yes a mess was made. I cleaned up. The important part was we were having fun and I want our children to have great memories of their family.

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