The Calm After the Storm

According to the weather channel, we had the equivalent of an category 1 hurricane blow through here today.  I don’t ever think it got that windy.  In fact, the wind was pretty calm up here on the hill today.  I almost thought that they had missed the forecast.  That was, until 3 o’clock.  Then the snow started coming and coming and coming.  By 7 PM there was 8 inches on the ground.  It snowed fast and furious.

This evening, when the snow finally stopped, I went out to see what I could do about getting some of the snow cleaned up.  I shoveled the sidewalks and started on the driveway.  Our driveway is gravel, so it takes some gentle scraping.  I was really enjoying being out there.  The temp was a “balmy” 34 degrees.  The warmest it had been all day.  It felt nice out there.  As I began shoveling the driveway, I looked up and saw the clouds starting to clear away.  This revealed at least a planet to the west and directly above me was the constellation Orion.  Even with the porch lights and pole lamp on all the stars of Orion were in clear view, including his sword.  It was so cool.  That’s when I realized how quiet it was out there.  The thick 8″ blanket of snow has a wonderful sound-dampening effect.  We live just off a major highway, but except for the occasional snow plow, it was wonderfully silent.  Before the sky cleared off and the temp started dropping there was a cool fog over top the snow.  It was just a wonderful time to be out.  Even though it was dark when I was out there, I could see that the 8″ snow was a heavy, wet snow, so it should be perfect for some winter photos in the morning.  I put those up sometime tomorrow.

The snow came fast and furious enough that we had to cancel church and all our rehearsals, so tomorrow I have to reschedule those.  But for tonight, it appeared time stood still.

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