Holiday Traditions

Pam and I haven’t really mentioned much about Christmas this year. Not that I haven’t wanted to, but it has been a little busy, despite trying to protect ourselves from that.

Today I was reminded that it is our tenth year anniversary of a tradition that started in 2000.  That was the year we had a flood one week before Christmas.  That year we went to McDonald’s for lunch on Christmas Eve.  I’m really not so sure now how it began.  But I think it probably had to do with me working retail.  This afternoon for lunch we went to McDonald’s and I remembered that this was the tenth year anniversary of this.

Another tradition we have is Shepherd’s Pie for dinner and then church.  I love Christmas Eve at church.  It is a real reminder of what this season is all about.  That’s why we have traditions.  They remind us of why we celebrate.  Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Holiday Traditions

  1. We did not know it the water in our well was drinkable after the flood. We had boil water for a week and decided that it would be easier to eat for lunch on Christmas eve that year. Also during the flood all the children’s presents go wet( hid them id Dale’s office which got a couple in of water during the flood) including the batteries for the toys. So We had to go to Radio Shack for more batteries. So we went out to MC Donald to eat then we went to Radio Shack for batteries. That is how the tradition started.

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